Hostile Enviroment Awarness Training

Protection and security in conflict areas

Our global environment is more and more characterized by violence and insecurity due to lawlessness, political instability and armed conflicts.

We offer an opportunity for companies, organisations, authorities or individuals to make use of our experience.

This may include employees who carry out work assignments in more or less risky areas.

It can be connected to various types of visits, business meetings, collaborations, trade fairs or other trips that need to be made in the line of work or individually.

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As an employer, you have a duty of care for your staff, even when traveling and working abroad.

By educating and informing your employees about travel safety, the employer must create the safest work enviroment conditions as possible.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to prepare the staff for the dangers that may confront them.

The education is offerd in English, Swedish and French.

Our training is built according to your needs. It is based on both theoretical and practical implementations.

The education is performed by teachers and instructors, who have extensive experience of work in medium to high-risk environment.

The instructors are experienced and have documented skills in training of all kind of staff, with or without previous experience of hostile environment.

We have a mobile team that can come to you.

All training material is updated and adapted according to relevant threat scenarios and situational images that are linked to the countries or areas in which you plan to operate.

Become familiar with different types of risk situations that one can be exposed to, to gain increased familiarity and knowledge of these risks, and learn to manage and prevent them.

After completed training, participants must be capable and confident in preventing, reducing and managing the various risks and situations they may be exposed to.

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The content and structure of the training is based on international experience and proven methods.

The distribution between theoretical briefings and practical elements and exercises is adapted to the customer's needs.

· Personal security

· Security analysis

· External environment and situation monitoring

· Cultural awareness

· Travel plans (Airports, hotels, transportation, meetings, events)

· Healthcare

· Demonstrations and riots, how to deal with

· Stress and conflict management

· Fire safety and fire extinguishers

· Emergency first aid

· Communication, means of and procedures

· Vehicles, use of and journey planning

· Active shooter, ongoing deadly violence

· Kidnapping and ransom (holding, survival, release, aftermath)

· Mines, unexploded ordnance, explosive remnants of war

After the course, an evaluation is carried out for the participants on how they experienced the course content. An evaluation can also be done jointly with the customer.

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